Holiday Wellness

This time of year is a time for celebration for many however, it can bring upon a lot of stress for everyone. Taslan would like you to stay safe and be well this holiday season with a few tips.

Shop from home. Shopping online is the best way to help stop the spread of Covid-19, it is also the best and safest way to avoid unwanted experiences when shopping. Every holiday season we see an increase in theft and vehicle break-ins among shoppers, the best way to avoid these experience is to shop online whenever you can.

Secure your property. If you are not going to be home for the holiday’s or have a vacant property, make sure it is secure. Hire a security company to check up on the property. Invest in timed lights to allow the house to give the illusion theres presence in the home and install a security system if you can.

Preventing Illness. This year as we continue to battle against Covid-19 preventing illness is one of our top priorities, when you see family and friends this season be sure you are washing your hands and sterilizing common surfaces. For those with friends and family spending the holiday’s alone, make sure you check in on your friends and family.

And finally, make sure you take the time to unwind , the holidays are stressful and at times can be very overwhelming.

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